Youth in agribusiness: shaping the future of agriculture

  • 18th May 2017
  • by secretary
18th May 2017. Brussels Policy Briefing. Youth in agribusiness: shaping the future of agriculture, organised by CTA, ACP Secretariat, European Commission (DG DEVCO), Concord, PAFO, AgriCord, and AFDB/AAIN

Panel 1: Employment creation for youth in the agricultural sectorThis panel shared data on youth employment in the agricultural sector and will bring various perspectives from research, policy and practice and define key actions to be taken to support youth in agribusiness.

  • Experiences of youth going into agriculture: main drivers of success Betty Wampfler (see picture), Deputy Director, IRC /Supagro, France
  • Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship through incubation Peter Kuria Githinji, Director Business Development and Partnerships, African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN), Ghana
  • Improving financial inclusion of Youth through ICTs Gerald Otim, Founder and Chief operating officer, Ensibuuko, Uganda

Panel 2: Young farmers and entrepreneurs: successes and opportunities ahead.

This panel shared concrete successes across ACP countries from young entrepreneurs working in the agribusiness sector and discussed the drivers of success and their replicability and upscaling.

  • Youth Participation in agro-processing in Malawi Maness Ngoma Nkhata, Lakeshore Agro-ProcessingEnterprise (LAPE), Malawi
  • E-commerce opportunities for farmers Bertrand Foffe, founder Jangolo Farm, Cameroun
  • Improved agricultural information access through ICTs Patrick Sakyi, Expert mobile commerce business, Farmerline, Ghana