Smart Farming Tech Symposium

  • 21st August 2018
  • by secretary

15-17 August 2018. Arc Api Irene Centurion, South Africa. Smart Farming Tech Symposium ‘Innovation and Tech use for betterAgriculture’

The following topics were discussed: 

  • Internet of Agricultural Things 
  • Digitization in Agriculture – Insight into the networked World 
  • Utilizing intelligent 
  • Sensors and Advancements in Robotics for Smart Farming 
  • The Value of Farm Data – The Benefits of collecting and processing agronomic Data 
  • Practical Applications of UAV in South African/AfricanAgriculture 
  • Smart Farming Success Stories and Real World Examples for the Agricultural IoT 
  • Opportunities for new Business Models

Extract of the programmeDrones in Agriculture 

The fast development of drones within the last years offers interesting new opportunities. This workshop provided an extensive overview of the „state of the art“ and future developments of the application of drones in agriculture. It aimed to highlight the requirements and technical developments of the drones and the employed sensors. Their potential and limitations for different applications in agriculture, such as monitoring plant health and yield forecast, detecting malnutrition, diseases, pest, water stress, and much more, were presented and discussed. An important topic was the integration of the information gathered by drones in the general farm management. Further, the cost/benefit relation of the use of drones in comparison to standard techniques was discussed. Additionally, attention was given to legal issues associated with the use of drones