Steering committee GFAR

  • 19th June 2017
  • by secretary
13-15 June 2017. Rome. The GFAR Steering Committee (Global Forum for Agricultural Research) has identified, at its meeting in  February 2017, key areas for GFAR to focus on in defining and developing GFAR’s Collective Actions. Th ey than harvested the input of the nearly 500  Partners in GFAR to flesh out these actions. The minutes of the 31st GFAR Steering Committee can be found here.

Through an innovative consultative process facilitated by the GFAR Secretariat, the Partners are setting out their ideas for how they can meet these challenges together. Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals demands Collective Actions that integrate the strengths and capacities of diverse sectors, but that keep farmers and producers at the center.

The GFAR Steering Committee agreed on the new Collective Actions. Visit the GFAR website to learn about the new direction of GFAR, and become a Partner in GFAR to join the global movement for change.

For more information on the new GFAR governance, click here and here.