PAEPARD blog posts October 2018

  • 02nd November 2018
  • by secretary
Please find hereunder the blog posts related to ARD activities in October 2018. 

1.       Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for enhancing ARD new resource *** PAEPARD support
31 October 2018. African Journal of Rural Development Vol 3 No 1 (2018)
2.       Programming Research and Innovation for Improved Impact PAEPARD participation
30-31 October 2018. Brussels. The SCAR Strategic Working Groups ARCH, AKIS and Food Systems meeting.
3.       Plant Resources of Tropical Africa new resources ***
This series is an output of the PROTA foundation, which seeks to improve understanding and information on the plant resources of tropical Africa.
30 October 2018. Gent, Belgium. Organised by Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium and be-troplive
26 October 2018. Panel debate Strengthening sustainable food and nutrition security in Africa
25 October 2018. UC Davis researchers are leading an international effort to identify genes crucial to breeding chickens with enhanced resistance to Newcastle disease and heat stress.
24-25 October 2018. Accra, Ghana.
8.       AgroWorld 2018
25- 27 October 2018.  New Delhi, India.
24 – 26 October 2018. Johannesburg, South Africa. This symposium was organised by the NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency and Regeneration International.
23 October 2018. In this year’s group of 20 fellows selected for the African Leadership Academy’s Anzisha Prize (presented in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation), there are four young entrepreneurs (hailing from Uganda, Kenya, Benin and Cameroon)
11.   The Sixth African Higher Education Week PAEPARD participation
22 – 26 October 2018. KICC,Nairobi, Kenya. The 2018 RUFORUM Biennial conference overall theme was “Aligning African Universities to accelerate attainment of Africa’s Agenda 2063”.
22-24 October 2018. Kampala, Uganda.
July 2018. 14 pages
14.   Public-private partnership experienced by PAEPARD new resource ** PAEPARD support
22 October 2018. AUTHORS: Alfred S., Muchiri S. and Kahane R. 9 pages
10-12 October 2018.
16.   Strengthening the capacity of multi-stakeholder partnerships new resources *** PAEPARD support
22 October 2018. Nairobi, Kenya. Launch of PAEPARD THEMATIC BRIEFS @ the PAEPARD 16th Management Team Meeting (MTM).
20 October 2018. The International Climate Change Information and Research Programme (ICCIRP)  has coordinated the inputs by a team of over 100 specialists, to produce these two publications
18.   Horizon 2020 Info Day Kenya PAEPARD participation
18 October 2018. Nairobi. Horizon 2020 Info Day: Funding opportunities for cooperation between Africa and Europe through Horizon 2020.
17-19 October 2018. Des Moines, Iowa. USA. The theme of the 2018 Borlaug Dialogue, Rise to the Challenge, explored the massive effort to feed 9.5 billion people expected by 2050.
15-19 October 2018. Rome.
16-17 October 2018. Nairobi (Kenya). T
22.   Groundnut aflatoxin exposure and food safety PAEPARD participation
17 October 2018. Pretoria. Presntation on Groundnut aflatoxin exposure and the food safety policy environment – need for a systems approach Willeke De Bruin, University of Pretoria
17 October 2018. Pretoria. Presentation made by Francis Agbali, University of Kentucky. US
15-17 October 2018.Pretoria. 2nd International Conference on Food Safety and Security.
Bioversity International and partners reveal that most of the world’s vegetable species are poorly documented, and present a study and database with the aim to help promote and recognize the value of these ‘forgotten foods’.
11 -12 October 2018.Dublin Ireland.
10-12 October 2018. Stellenbosch, South Africa. Win more, lose less: Capturing synergies between SDGs through agricultural research.
11 October 2018. The European Commission has put forward an action plan to develop a sustainable and circular bioeconomy that serves Europe’s society, environment and economy.
9-12 October 2018. Johannesburg, South Africa. The purpose of the 2ACCA initiative was to facilitate diverse and open sharing of experiences and information on CA
7-11 October 2018 in Berlin, Germany. IWCSPP 2018 – 12th International Working Conference for Stored Product Protection.
8–10 October 2018, Bari, Italy. LEAP-Agri Project’s Kick-Off Meeting of ERA-Net LEAP-Agri Funded Projects.
8-10 October 2018. During MRC2018, the most important issues concerning mycotoxins, along the safety aspects of foods were covered
7 October 2018. food sovereignty among a Somali community
34.   Rebranding Africa Forum + video
5-6 October 2018. Ouagadougou. The theme of this 5th edition was: “Challenges and opportunities of the green economy in Africa”.
5 October 2018. Brussels. The global Diaspora week.
4 October 2018. Brussels. After presenting its innovative approach, products and services to a jury comprising 20 major actors main development players in Belgium, Access Agriculture was selected as the winner of ‘iStandOut’ category at the biannual Prize Digital for Development (D4D).
AERC Research Paper 350 African Economic Research Consortium, Nairobi August 2018, 35 pages
38.   IDRC’s Towards a Food Secure Future + video coverage forthcoming
3-4 October 2018. Ottawa, Canada.
1-5 October 2018. Addis Ababa. Including a symposium on traditional and indigenous food resources: “Mainstreaming agrobiodiversity in African food systems for healthy and sustainable diets”
1-2 October 2018. Utrecht, the Netherlands. The Fifth bi-annual Future of Finance conference brought together over 500 global financial experts.
1-2 October 2018. Cologne (Germany). Revolution in Food and Biomass Production; High-tech strategy for a sustainable biomass supply.
2-4 October 2018, in DAKAR, SENEGAL. Third PACA Partnership Platform Meeting (PPM).
Elevated maternal AFB-Lys levels were significantly associated with lower infant birth weight, in addition to lower weight-for age Z-score (WAZ), smaller head circumference, and lower HCZ in infants at birth.
b.       Spotlight on the GrainMate Moisture Meter of Ghana + video
GrainMate Grain Moisture Tester helps prevent post-harvest losses in grains by helping farmers accurately determine the exact moisture content in their grain crops before storage.
c.       Launch of two new videos on aflatoxins in maize @ PACA PPMeeting + video
They have been posted on the platform These videos are currently available in English and French. They are freely downloadable, also in 3gp format for mobile phone viewing.
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