Energy Access Outlook: from Poverty to Prosperity

  • 29th October 2017
  • by secretary

23 October 2017. Webinar presenting the key findings from a new World Energy Outlook special report, the Energy Access Outlook: from Poverty to Prosperity. This is the first webinar in a series that will present the key findings and analysis from the World Energy Outlook 2017.

WEO-2017 Special Report: Energy Access Outlook

Edition: 2017
144 pages

Speakers: Laura Cozzi, Hannah Daly and Molly Walton. Emanuela Colombo, UNESCO CHAIR in Energy for Sustainable Development, Politecnico di Milano joins as guest speaker.

This report, available for download at, provides:

  • A pathway for achieving access to modern energy for all by 2030, identifying policy priorities, detailing investment needs, and the role that decentralised and on-grid solutions may play 
  • Expanded and updated IEA electricity and clean cooking access databases, and an assessment of the status for all developing countries, reviewing recent trends and policy efforts up to 2016 
  • A global and regional electricity and clean cooking access outlook to 2030, with a dedicated chapter on sub-Saharan Africa 
  • An analysis of how energy development can unleash economic growth in sectors such as agriculture, and explores how energy access intersects with other issues such as gender, health and climate change 

Learn more in our Key Findings for Access to Energy Outlook 2017 or watch our online webinar.


18th October 2018. Brussels Sustainable Innovation Brokerage Event. The SusChem 2017 Brokerage event was a unique opportunity for industry, academia, SMEs and other actors to get ready to develop consortia and submit funding proposals targeting the H2020 calls.

The SusChem innovation managers have developed a matrix of the call topics and scope of the work programme 2018-2020 on Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, Botechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (NMBP).
You can view the series of videos on potential call topics and scope from the Horizon 2020 draft work porgramme 2018-2020 below:

This is a page where you can access all the project idea powerpoint presentations.

Poster presentation

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