Africa Startup to start assisting young Agribusiness entrepreneurs in Burundi

  • 02nd January 2017
  • by secretary
29 December 2016. The NGO Africa Startup plans to start a project of Education, Trade and Professional Training for young entrepreneurs in Burundi.

It has organised a workshop to inform potential participants to its training programmes about how the project will be carried out.

The workshop was organised in partnership with the nonprofit association Burundi Business Incubator (BBIN) that develops entrepreneurship and general business skills in both established and new Burundian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and KCB bank.

Africa Startup is a Norwegian NGO specialised in startup and self-employment in agribusiness, ICTs and renewable energy. Ultimately, through a learning-by-doing approach, Startup Africa will help young entrepreneurs acquire competencies necessary for the production and the sale of their own products.

From January 2017, Startup Africa will begin a training programme in Agribusiness. The training will take place in Ruziba area, south of Bujumbura. Recipients will attend short sessions in the classroom and spend much of their time in the NGO’s farm where they will learn farming. They will also learn marketing techniques for their projects.

Masumbuko said trainees will leave the training centre to go and do their own business partly with some money earned from the sale of the farm products. Trainees themselves will sell them as part of learning the marketing of their products. They will be rewarded according to their sale, “the more they sell the more they will receive”, said Masumbuko.

Africa Startup (Gambia) is a charitable foundation based in Norway with the mission to improve

livelihoods in The Gambia through education in agricultural innovation, environmental protection and entrepreneurship. At its inception in 2008, the focus was on infrastructure projects and business start-ups, encouraging and promoting an entrepreneurial spirit. As a result, the focus has moved to establishing MyFarm.

How to make money in PDF (10 MB) is the  training guide used at MyFarm. We hope it can be helpful for you or someone else you know. It is also now as video tutorials on Youtube:

  1. Video 1. How to make money – Introduction
  2. Video 2: Marketing
  3. Video 3: Sales Overview
  4. Video 4: Money
  5. Video 5: Running your Business
  6. Video 6: People Power
  7. Video 7: Make your own action plan