Investing in safe trade opens up opportunities

  • 09th June 2019
  • by secretary
7 June 2019. STDF 2018 Annual Report – Investing in safe trade opens up opportunities.

The STDF 2018 Annual Report has been published on 7 June, the first World Food Safety Day. The publication highlights how investing in safe trade, from food safety to animal and plant health, opens up opportunities for small-scale farmers, processors, traders and governments in developing countries to meet international standards and secure local livelihoods.


The report sets out how STDF’s knowledge platform and projects worldwide champion the Sustainable Development Goals on zero hunger, good health and well-being, decent work and economic growth, responsible consumption and production, and global partnerships.

  • Find out how a regional Total Diet Study is delivering the data to improve food safety in West Africa and how partnerships are driving Latin America’s regional safe trade in animal feed.
  • See how new collaborative approaches are breaking down barriers at the border in COMESA, and how new projects and PPGs will promote sustainable agriculture and safe trade in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.
  • Learn how STDF work on building public-private partnerships is shaping the global food safety dialogue, and how STDF solutions connect border agencies to facilitate safe trade.

The 2018 report also features STDF’s latest knowledge resources and projects across Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean that are working to meet international standards for food safety, animal and plant health, helping to promote income generation, champion gender equality, protect the environment, and reduce inequalities.

Thanks to the 13 donors supporting the STDF, a total of 12 new projects and PPGs were approved for funding in 2018, following record levels of applications received worldwide. 70% of the resources will benefit least developed countries and other low-income countries.

For over 15 years the STDF global partnership has worked at national, regional and international level on the most pressing SPS challenges developing countries face to trade safely. The 2018 Annual Report showcases how STDF work is valued on a global scale, and the opportunities that exist to continue to drive sustainable impact in the period ahead.

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