e-Weather/e-Climate Information Services for Sustainable Development in Africa

  • 27th November 2018
  • by secretary
27 November 2018. Brussels, Belgium. InfoPoint Lunchtime Conference: e-Weather/e-Climate Information Services for Sustainable Development in Africa

Increasing agricultural productivity, profitability and resilience to climate change while ensuring food security all requires access to reliable, customized, and consistent information including weather forecasts, early warning of extreme weather events and agronomic advisory services. This InfoPoint will show-case two EU Horizon 2020 funded projects and the work of Kenya’s Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization (KARLO) in harnessing advanced remote sensing technologies (e.g. EU Copernicus satellite weather/climate data) and in-situ sensing technologies, both combined with mobile technologies to support climate-smart agriculture effectively and ensure food security in a changing climate.

  • Meropi PANELI Senior Policy Officer, DEVCO C6, Sustainable Energy & Climate Change, European Commission
  • Frank OHENE ANNOR, Field Leader – TWIGA Project, Trans African Hydro Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO)
  • Stelios KOTSOPOULOS, Task-leader AfriCultuReS Project, DRAXIS ENVIRONMENTAL S.A.
  • Natasa ASIK, Project Advisor Executive Agency SME (EASME)
  • Boniface AKUKU, Director Information and Communication Technology, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization