Technologies diffusion within agricultural extension based on training video systems.

  • 04th March 2018
  • by secretary

28 February 2018. Déterminants de la diffusion des technologies en milieu rural avec les vidéos: cas des bonnes pratiques de transformation de soja en fromages au Bénin. Paul Jimmy et al 2016
Annales de l’Université de Parakou, Série Sci. Nat. Agron. Décembre 2016; Vol.6 (No.1) : 59-66

Videos use highlights the importance of the extension material through which innovation is exposed in the performance of agricultural extension. However, the literature focuses very little on factors related to the form and content of extension material in analyzing the factors determining the adoption of a technology.

The present study focuses on the analysis of determinants of technologies diffusion within agricultural extension based on training video systems. The case study targeted women processing soybean into cheeses and used a video training on soybean processing goods practices. 360 women exposed to video are surveyed in six municipalities in the central and northern of Benin. Data was collected on perceptions of women on the form and the content characteristics of video, and on the diffusion of messages contained in video.

Binary logistic regression results showed that diffusion of video messages is affected positively with contents characteristic of video such as perception that technology in the video can satisfy the clients request for cheese improved in quality, and perception that through video the technology is easy to understand and use.

These results suggest that video has the capacity to reduce technology complexity perceived, increasing diffusion of innovations.Expansion of video use in agricultural extension was recommended.

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