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Agrinatura is a European Alliance on Agricultural Knowledge for Development, an entity established jointly by European Research and Education organisations. It is based on two pillars – Agrinatura Association regrouping all members and Agrinatura-EEIG, which is its operational arm. Activities are managed by the Joint Management Unit, with one office in Cork, Ireland (Information & Communication, Association secretariat) and one office in Greenwich, UK (Business Management, Administration, EEIG secretariat).


Board of Directors

The Agrinatura Association is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of the President and the Vice-President  and Board members. Directors are the representatives of the members of the General Assembly elected by it upon proposition by President.




Stephen Onakuse


University College Cork


Ioannis Dimitriou


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


The Board of Directors appoints a Secretary General and approved by the next General Assembly. He (she) is responsible for the development and execution of the projects of the Agrinatura network. The Secretariat shall regularly report the execution of its delegations to the Board of Directors. Currently, the secretariat is hosted by University College Cork in Cork, Ireland.




J. Mabel Hernández Altamirano

Secretary General

University College Cork

Board Members

Guido round

Guido Bonati

Board member

Director of Research at CREA


Frederic Francis

Board member

Gembloux Agro-Bio-Tech – Liège Université

Susanna round III

Susanna Rokka

Board member

Natural Resource Institutie Finland (LUKE)


Pascal Boeckx

Board member

Ghent University

IMG_4452 (1)

Inese Rozensteine

Board member


Agrinatura EEIG

Incorporated as a European Economic Interest Grouping governed by the European Regulation 2137/85 and the provisions of French law 89.377 of 13 June 1989 modifying the bylaws 67.821 of 23 September 1967;

the Articles of Association, are the agreement entered into by the Members, setting the terms for its incorporation;

The Bylaws of the Grouping, specify and supplementing the undertakings which they have set forth in the Articles of Association, as well as the terms of their relations with the Grouping and the Grouping’s relationship with third parties.



Its governance is organized as follows:

  1. The Members Assembly is the main decision-making body of the EEIG;
  2. The President chairs the Members’ Assembly and is the EEIG’s representative and spokesperson; Agrinatura Association and Agrinatura-EEIG have joint President, who is currently Stephen Onakuse.
  3. The Business Manager and Director (BMD)

Is the natural person acting as manager and administrator, responsible for the implementation of the annual Work plan. He/she is in charge of programming and promoting of scientific activities, representation, information and exchange activities. The Director is the main contact point for external parties. The Director Business Manager identifies new business opportunities, manages, administers and delivers EEIG projects, delivers the annual business plan.




Hanneke Lam

EEIG Business Manager and Director


Anita Rahova

EEIG Project Portfiolio Officer

EEIG Advisers


Ioannis Dimitriou

EEIG Vice-President and EEIG Advisor

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Andy frost round

Andy Frost

EEIG Advisor



Mélanie Broin

EEIG Advisor

Agropolis International

Myriam Perez - iCRA_round

Myriam Perez

EEIG Advisor



Luís Goulão

EEIG Advisor

School of Agriculture University of Lisbon (ISA)

Jan Bogaert - ULiege_round

Jan Bogaert

EEIG Advisor


IMG_4452 (1)

Inese Rozensteine

EEIG Advisor


dimptl_photo (1)

Dimitrios Petalios

EEIG Advisor

GHENT University

Jelle4 (1) (1)

Jelle Maas

EEIG Advisor

Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

Gender Equality Plan

The Gender Equality Plan of Agrinatura is available as PDF document.