Diversifying Food Systems

  • 29th May 2019
  • by secretary

14 May 2019. The SCAR Food Systems Strategic Working Group (SCAR FS SWG) has organised two workshops bringing together di­fferent stakeholders with representatives of JPIs: FACCE, HDHL and OCEANS, SUSFOOD2, researchers, policy makers and external experts working in this area.

The third and final workshop was dedicated to the presentation of policy recommendations on how to promote diversity in food systems at national, regional and European level.

  • The current food production system is facing a decrease in the diversity of crops and animal breeds, which undermines the ability of agriculture to adapt to climate change and to cope with pests and diseases. 
  • In parallel to the threat to agrobiodiversity, there is a trend towards the homogenisation of diets (greater intake of calories, too much animal proteins, and ultra-formulated foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat) and an increase in diet-related health problems. 
  • Diversity through the food systems approach could be considered as a driver for change by improving direct interactions between food producers and consumers, increasing the quality of diet for a better health, or fostering local processors, etc. 
  • Therefore, the initiatives to diversify food systems should take into account the impact in terms of sustainability and healthy diet. All stakeholders along the food chain must to be involved.
Gaps in current knowledge:

  1. Optimal levels of diversity in diet for better nutrition and health 
  2. Compatibility between healthy diets and locally and seasonal food productions
Extract of the programme  Programme_20190514_en.pdf + Flyer

Diversity and food consumption – Marie Plessz, INRA + Eric Verger, IRD

Presentation of recommendations on how to increase diversity in food systems Minna Huttunen, co-chair of SCAR FS SWG