2nd Cassava World Africa

  • 21st March 2016
  • by secretary
2nd cassava world africa agrinatura

1-2 March 2016. The 2nd Cassava World Africa brought together people in plantation business and end users of cassava from food to biofuels to discuss the crop’s market outlook. From food and industrial applications, investment opportunities in the region, value addition, transportation and logistics challenges, industry players presented real business case studies, country-focused sessions, sustainable solutions to increase commercialisation and utilisation and provide answers to:

  • How out-grower scheme can bridge the production and marketing gap?
  • What are the solutions to current supply chainbottlenecks?
  • How farmers can access improved seed varieties with higher disease-resistance?
  • How to prevent cassava diseases?
  • What kind of mechanization is available for farmers?
  • Where to source finances to enhance cassava mechanization and plantation?