African Crop Science Society Conference 2018

  • 16th January 2018
  • by secretary

15 – 18 January 2018. Stellenbosch. South Africa. Combined Congress 2018 of the Soil Science Society of South Africa and Crop Science Societies of South Africa, with the African Crop Society. The theme of the Congress is Sustainable agricultural systems for food security in Africa.

  • Ndayisaba – Comparative effect of desmodium on maize growth and yield after fifteen years of experiments 
  • Nguenha– Effectiveness of polyethylene container and airtight bags on maize grain storage for smallholder farmers in Mozambique 
  • Vilane – evaluation of sixteen groundnut varieties for tolerance to soil acidity in Mpumalanga and Kwazulu – Natal provinces 
  • Tivana – Evaluation of replacement of maize by cassava and the particles hand aggregation for poultry feed formulation 
  • Savala – Physiological characteristics affecting water use efficiency and yield of inoculated soybean in southern Africa 
  • Rusere – A participatory approach for exploring options for ecological intensification to improve food security and agricultural sustainability: A perspective of South African smallholder agriculture 
  • Luvhengo – Biocontrol of selected Fusarium species using medicinal plant extracts 
  • Amoo – African leafy vegetables as a weapon for food and nutritional security: a case of Cleome gynandra 
  • Amoo – Antifungal activity of medicinal plant extracts against Fusarium species: alternative bio-pesticides for smallholder farmers 
  • Osiru – Opportunities for a knowledge led development strategy for Africa: RUFORUM’s 2030 Strategy 
  • Gathaara – Farmers’ knowledge and perceptions of genetically modified (GM) cassava in Kenya