Revolution in Food and Biomass Production

  • 10th October 2018
  • by secretary

1-2 October 2018. Maritim Hotel, Cologne (Germany). Revolution in Food and Biomass Production; High-tech strategy for a sustainable biomass supply.

200 participants from 23 countries joined the conference and looked into the future of food and biomass production. 53 speakers presented their innovations in nine different topics.

“It was very exciting to see how the food and biotech industries are breaking new ground to produce innovative protein products. I am convinced that the future of the global food market depends on these alternative protein sources, considering the rising global warming and increased demand for food. Not only large companies are part of these food innovations, but also many young start-ups with their new ideas. The future of food is changing and we are looking forward to it. Above all, we are pleased to present the winners of the first “Future Protein Award” presented by the nova-Institute.”

The “Future Protein Award” was given out to companies which presented the best concepts for a future-proof protein supply, derived from algae, bacteria, cell-cultured meat, insects, new crops or even from CO2 and solar energy. Thw winner was: SWARM – The Insect Bar (DE)

  • SWARM Nutrition GmbH, a start-up company based in Cologne, Germany, develops sports nutrition with high-quality and sustainable protein from insects. 
  • The “SWARM Insect Bar” ideally suits the needs of athletes who demand functional sports nutrition and at the same time pursue a sustainable lifestyle. 
  • It is made of natural ingredients and high value insect protein and contains loads of micronutrients. 
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Extracts of the programme:

Dr. Rafaël Schneider
Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (DE)
Food and Nutrition Security: Global Challenge – Site-Specific Solutions

Thomas Arnold
European Commission, DG RTD (BE)
Innovation from Across – can Cross-Pollinating Sectors, Actors and Conversations Unfold Solutions Towards Systemic Change?

BioInnovate Africa Programme (KE)
Fostering an Innovation-driven Bioeconomy in Africa: Experience from BioInnovate Africa Programme

Joakim Hauge 
The Sahara Forest Project (NO)
From Vision to Reality:
Greening Desert Areas through Profitable Production of Food, Freshwater, Clean Energy and Biomass

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Wageih
SEKEM Development Foundation (EG)
Greening the Desert in Egypt with Sustainable Agriculture

Egbert Schroeer 
Microsoft (US)
Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things: How They Will Shape the Future of Agriculture and Food Industry

Sabine Sütterlin
Berlin-Institut für Bevölkerung und Entwicklung (DE)
How can African Countries leapfrog Technological Development to Achieve Food Security in Africa?