Scale Up Sourcebook

  • 18th August 2019
  • by secretary

The Scale Up Sourcebook is informed and inspired by the September 2018 conference, Innovations in Agriculture: Scaling Up to Reach Millions, organized by Purdue University, in partnership with the African Development Bank. 

The Sourcebook consolidates, extends, and disseminates some of the scaling insights presented at the Purdue conference. It is intended as an easy-to-use guidebook targeted to a broad and diverse audience of stakeholders associated with scaling agricultural technologies and innovations to meet the needs of the world’s poor. 
The Sourcebook has following chapters: 
  1. designing with scale in mind; 
  2. assessing scalability; 
  3. using commercial markets to drive scaling; 
  4. financing the transition to scale; 
  5. creating an enabling environment for scale; 
  6. tailoring metrics, monitoring, and evaluation to support sustainable outcomes at scale; 
  7. and the critical role of intermediary and donor organizations. 

The Sourcebook provides guidance, tips, and examples, along with links and references to additional resources on scale up.


25-27 September 2018. Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. A conference focused on effective approaches to scaling up agricultural technologies and innovations in the developing world.

Scaled-up agricultural technologies and innovations can be a game-changer in food-insecure countries. This conference sought to address the following questions about scale up:

  • What hinders large scale adoption?
  • What makes things scalable?
  • What driving factors are critical for successful scale up? (e.g., markets, capital, policy, behavioral changes)
  • How can multi-stakeholder partnerships and initiatives facilitate success?
  • What has worked, what hasn’t, and why?
  • Who can I connect with at the conference to enhance scale up efforts?

This conference was intended for multiple audiences in the research to impact continuum.
Researchers: Increase the potential for successful commercialization of research efforts by better understanding scale up requirements and partner needs

  • Implementing organizations: Gain insight to working with donors, governments and industries for scaling up innovations toward sustainable agriculture
  • Business community: Understand the role and needs of both large agriculture companies and local businesses in scaling up. Develop and strengthen partnerships to expand markets
  • Policymakers: Understand how the regulatory framework and enabling environment catalyze or inhibit technology scale up that impacts the agricultural sector
  • Donors and investment communities: Understand the opportunities, challenges, and focus of the research community and implementing organizations, to form early relationships with attention to scale up needs