Agregation of recent livestream and webinar video recordings

  • 19th December 2018
  • by secretary
A number of organisations have put their video webstreams or Webinar recording online :

International conferences

3-4 October 2018. Ottawa, Canada. Towards a food secure future: lessons from CIFSRF and beyond
The following sessions videos are now available:

  1. Session 1: Sustainable agricultural production
  2. Session 2: Nutrition and health outcomes
  3. Session 3: Market access and income for small scale farmers
  4. Session 4: Collaborative partnerships
  5. Session 5: Scaling up innovations for impact
  6. Session 6: Gender equality in agriculture and food security

28-30 November 2018. Bangkok, Thailand. Accelerating the End of Hunger and Malnutrition.
IFPRI/FAO global event: conference synopsis (forthcoming)
A Glance PowerPoint embedded in this PAEPARD blogpost gives a concise overview of the event and the key messages that emerged
Videos of all plenary and parallel sessions (click here to view)
Presenter PowerPoints (click here to view those made available)

2-14 December 2019. Katowice, Poland. Africa at the COP24

11-17 December 2018. Cairo. The Intra-African Trade Fair 2018
Currently available Livestreams:

  • Aligning the interests of Governments and Industry on Trade and Investment in Africa
  • The Experience of China’s industrial park development and its implications on the industrialisation development of Africa for export manufacturing
  • Pulling Together Intra-African Trade Promotion Initiatives of African Multilateral Financial Institutions
  • Strategies for promotion of the Agro-processing value chain in Africa
  • Informal cross-border trade in Africa – What do we know? How can it be supported?
  • African Diaspora – Mobilising Diaspora Resources to Support Intra-African Trade