Crop Livestock Conservation Agriculture

  • 24th April 2019
  • by secretary
19 April 2019. Tunis. The IFAD-funded Crop Livestock Conservation Agriculture (CLCA) project runs from 2018-2021 and focuses in its second phase on scaling of successfully tested CLCA farming systems. This is reflected in its project component:

“Accelerate adoption through the development of delivery systems/participatory farmer-led extension systems and inform the development of contextually relevant CLCA technologies and practices”.

In order to create awareness to promote conservation agriculture more than 120 persons attended this event in particular director generals of the main directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture, professional organizations and private actors, IFAD investment projects, and the IFAD focal point.

The event was also attended by around 20 deputies (representing the agricultural commission in the parliament). This paved the pathway towards influencing policy makers in Tunis.