FAO’s Committee on Agriculture

  • 01st October 2016
  • by secretary
26 – 30 September 2016, Rome. FAO’s Committee on Agriculture (COAG) meets every two years to assess the current state of affairs in world agriculture and provide guidance to FAO on its program of work.

In a speech to ministers, government, private sector and civil society representatives, the Director-General Graziano da Silva noted how “agriculture is at the very heart” of a recent series of ground-breaking international agreements, including the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

In Africa boosting agricultural productivity in a sustainable way is not only essential for food and nutrition security, but is also critical to eradicating poverty. In particular, small-holder farmers should produce food not just for the table, but also for the market. Governments should play their part by supporting the process and increasing investments. We’ve seen an increase in investments … but only a few invest 10 percent” of their budget on agriculture” Sierra Leone’s Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, Monty Patrick Jones

“There is a need for scientific innovation in agriculture to go hand-in-hand with policy reform. Agriculture and food systems are transforming, and that must be supported by a sound cooperation between science and policy. An International Panel on Food, Nutrition and Agriculture should be established to assist the international community in the same way as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) helps guide global climate policy”. Joachim von Braun, Director of University of Bonn’s Center for Development Research.

Video interview with Joseph Sam Sesay, Chairperson of COAG and Special Adviser to the President of the Republic Sierra Leone.

Video interview with Joachim von Braun, Director of University of Bonn’s Center for Development Research.