FARA Publication: Innovation Opportunities Guidebook in the Poultry Livestock Sector in Benin ( NEW)

  • 16th May 2019
  • by secretary

The Poultry livestock plays a key role in the different facet of African society, it is traditionally valued as source of protein in the diet of the majority as well as a source of income for the farming families. The size of the different birds and the relative ease of raising them, makes the poultry a very affable livestock enterprise in the traditional farming system. Over the years, the poultry industry in Africa has witnessed significant growth following the development of highly productive breeds for meat and eggs. This has resulted in the expansion of the industry and the provision of livelihood along the value chain. Despite the noticeable change in the sector, it is still faced by a myriad of constraints that require scientific and institutional interventions. 
The conventional poultry birds are much susceptible to a myriad of diseases ranging from biotic factors to physiological stress. For a handful of the pathogenic diseases, there are known cure through antibiotics and series of vaccination to ensure healthy and productive birds. The use of these vaccines and antibiotics are also considered to have some effect on the quality of carcass and egg products from the poultry industry. With increasing health and nutritional awareness among the populace occasioned by the growth of the middle class, the need for low or zero use of antibiotics is fast gaining recognition, and in some instances, it is becoming the subject of some social movement. Apparently, the poultry industry strongly requires more scientific interventions to develop hardier and yet productive breeds to withstand various stresses.
Research efforts to improve the productivity of the poultry industry require attention in Africa. Principally, Africa needs to beef up its game in the industry with more advanced science and technologies. This needs to target farm level productivity as well as the total factor productivity of the sector.
This book attempt to analyses the poultry livestock production and marketing systems in Benin Republic, to identify the constraints, source solutions and explicate the innovation opportunities within the industry. The book explicated both the technological and institutional or infrastructural modification including markets, policies and social interactions that could be deployed to yield improved productivity and profitability.