3rd African Congress for Conservation Biology

  • 06th September 2016
  • by secretary

04 – 08 September 2016. El Jadida, Morocco. The 3rd African Congress for Conservation Biology seeked to coalesce continent wide scientific research and information, energy and expertise on conservation challenges in the milieu of globalization.

The Theme of the Congress “Conservation Biology in Africa: Challenges of Globalization” was intended to encourage the conservation biology community to reflect on the state of this field in Africa and the implications of globalization for conservation objectives on the continent. (See also the specific themes)

The conference gave support to international agreements at the regional and local levels in favor of improved governance of biodiversity as part of the Convention on Biological Diversity and

The Faculty of Sciences of El Jadida

hosting the congress

Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030. For five days, conferences and workshops brought together researchers, PhD students, policy makers, field managers and socio-economic actors interested in the future of biodiversity in Sub Saharan Africa.

The objectives of the conference were:

  • Present an overview of research on conservation biology scenarios in Africa and identify the issues and research questions in connection with the expectations of local stakeholders.
  • Enable the development of new partnerships and encourage the development of research projects involving researchers from the North and South and local stakeholders involved in the management and use of biodiversity as well as projects with the potential to generate new ‘decision support and management tools in a few years.
  • Provide food for thought for the establishment of SCB in Africa and examine how African actors can mobilize to face this challenge.