Training and Capacity Building for Media Practitioners on Agriculture Policies

  • 15th February 2018
  • by secretary

15th February 2018. Abuja, Nigeria. Training and Capacity Building for Media Practitioners on Agriculture Policies (CAADP, ECOWAP, APP, JSR, BR, NAIP, etc).


The National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANTS) in partnership with Trust Africa organized a capacity training and capacity building workshop on agricultural policy instruments for media organizations to be well knowledgeable on these policy instruments in other to create a public awareness on CAADP.

The training had in attendance about 40 representatives drawn from various media organizations. The capacity building session provided a platform for the media organizations to understand the depth of
these policy instruments which facilitate better reporting: a) Understanding the contents and direction of the CAADP ; b) Bringing Agricultural instruments to the front burner of the media.

The technical sessions took critical look at the various policy frameworks and issues related to agriculture at the national, regional and continental levels, as follows:

  1. Paper 1, delivered by Dr. Manson Nwafor, an Economist with the ECOWAS/IITA-ReSSAKS dwelt on the Demystification of the APP, NAIP, ECOWAP, CAADP and ancillary instruments implementation in Nigeria. 
  2. Paper 2 which was delivered by Mr Sylvester Baye from Policy and Planning Dept – Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development explored the place of Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) and the nexus with National Agricultural Investment Plan (NAIP). 
  3. Paper 3 by Jimoh Babatunde, a Journalist, which expressed the role of the media in the implementation of the APP and CAADP. 
  4. Paper 4, delivered by Gabriel Okeowo which explained Innovative ICTs in Media advocacy for Agriculture Sector