PAEPARD welcomes its 6,000th member

  • 03rd May 2016
  • by secretary

PAEPARD just welcomed its 6000th member.

It has been a long way since the inception of this community in
September 2009 to facilitate an online discussion of some 100
participants about the GCARD RoadMap (ahead of the first GCARD
conference of Montpelier – March 2010). It’s rather a coincidence that
this “magic figure” is reached at the eve of the 3rd GCARD conference
(Johannesburg, April 2016).

The latest member wrote as motivation: To have access to cutting-edge
agriculture related knowledge and information resources as well as
[funding] opportunities. (18/03)

To celebrate this occasion you will find below the link for a quick
guideline on how to use this PAEPARD groups online (PPT presentation
in English and in French).

More information on the PAEPARD blog.