2019 Rural Development Report. Creating opportunities for rural youth

  • 12th August 2019
  • by secretary

IFAD is sharpening its focus on rural youth and in this funding period, 2019- 2021, targeting a dramatic increase in the number of young people trained in income-generating activities or business management. This report is based on substantive evidence and attempts to provide the kind of analysis that can inform policies, programmes and investments to promote a rural transformation that is inclusive of youth. It examines who rural youth are, where they live, and the multiple constraints they face in their journey from dependence to independence.

A distinguishing feature of this report is that it examines rural development in the context of the transformation of rural areas and the wider economy. Opportunities for young women and men begin with a transformation towards a dynamic rural economy. These opportunities depend on the national, rural and household settings in which young people reside. Only by understanding these multiple layers can governments and decision makers design effective policies and investments to enable young rural women and men to become productive and connected individuals who are in charge of their own future.



  1. Thinking differently about rural youth DOWNLOAD
  2. Where do rural youth live, and how do they engage with the economy? DOWNLOAD
  3. Empowering rural young women to pursue productive livelihoods DOWNLOAD
  4. Socio-political participation of rural youth DOWNLOAD
  5. Capturing the demographic dividend for rural youth DOWNLOAD
  6. How can rural youth prosper in changing agrifood systems? DOWNLOAD
  7. Climate Change is a youth issue DOWNLOAD
  8. Digital divide(nd)? DOWNLOAD
  9. Rural youth challenges and opportunities across and within regions DOWNLOAD
  10. Thinking differently about investing in rural youth  DOWNLOAD