Feeding innovation – lessons from India and Tanzania

  • 12th September 2016
  • by secretary
11 September 2016. The milkIT project (enhancing dairy-based livelihoods in India and Tanzania through feed innovation) aimed to contribute to improved dairy-derived livelihoods in India and Tanzania via intensification of smallholder production focusing on enhancement of feeds and feeding using innovation and value chain approaches.

Financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the project was organized around three sets of interventions:

  1. Diagnostic activities designed to help target interventions to real issues and constraints at community level
  2. Delivery of solutions – technical as well as institutional, to address challenges and needs
  3. Preparing for scale – engaging with other institutions, building partnerships and promoting wider uptake of the solutions and the approaches employed in the project

. . . all devised and delivered through innovation platforms at different scales.

As part of project synthesis activities, three animated videos were produced around each of these three messages. Watch the short videos: