Farmers taking the lead – Thirty years of farmer field schools

  • 28th July 2019
  • by secretary

23 July 2019. FAO. 2019. Farmers taking the lead – Thirty years of farmer field schools. Rome. 72 pages.

This brochure captures the major developments of the farmer field school over 30 years, highlighting innovations in different regions and contexts. A vast number of additional stories and experiences exist, some of which can be accessed at the global FFS platform website. 

This document summarizes key messages on FFS and provides insights for new directions: how communities of smallholder farmers can address contemporary challenges in the agricultural sector to provide food and other services in a sustainable and equitable manner.
Highlights of thirty years of farmer field schools
  1. The early years: Rice, IPM and FFS
  2. Expansion of farmer field schools for IPM across Asia
  3. FFS in Asia
  4. FFS in Africa
  5. FFS in Latin America
  6. FFS in the Near East and North Africa