Launch of the Be4Ag CBL/ACP BeLux Agro & Agro-Industries Cluster

  • 10th February 2017
  • by secretary

10 February 2017. Brussels. ACP Secretariat. The launch of this cluster calls for a revitalized partnership between the private sector, ACP member states’ countries strategies and other stakeholders.

The rising of net food imports (expecting to grow from US$ 35bn in 2015 to over US$ 110bn by 2025) are indicative for a broader opportunity to transform agriculture construed as a business. The scale of imports demonstrates that demand exists.

Be4Ag CBL-ACP Cluster is an environment where the enterprises can develop a competitive and global edge. Getting there requires a strategic approach based on lessons learned. 

Despite the potential benefits deriving from joint actions, entrepreneurs often choose a go-it-alone strategy. Africa is a market of 1.2 billion people where agriculture is the mainstay of most economies.Nevertheless, only 13% of European companies do business outside the EU. Doing business in Africa is the same as with another continent: barriers are everywhere. Africa is a continent in transition with rapid urbanization, increasing stability, young and growing population, expanding internet connectivity, and a changeover in consumption patterns.
Consequently, appropriate policy support and assistance of the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Group of States is required: be it South-South partnership, be it North-South, be it Triangular. The ACP Group with its 79 members is the unique and longstanding entities on the landscape of international relations. 
  • The Belgian support to agribusiness, Tom Neijens, Advisor of Deputy Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation
  • CTA support to agribusiness development in ACP countries, Isoline Boto, CTA
  • Sugar a sustainable commodity‖ by Paul Kronacker, Chairman of Group Sopex NV and Board Member of the European Association of Sugar Traders (ASSUC)
  • A sustainable development approach‖, Paul Jacquet de Haveskercke, Director-Chief Strategic Officer, DURABILIS NV
  • Inclusive activities of the DENYS Group in Sub Saharan Africa‖ by Johan Van Wassenhove, Managing Director, DENYS Group NV

More broadly Be4Ag CBL-ACP Cluster represents a new way of thinking, challenging much of the conventional wisdom about how companies should be configured, how institutions such as universities can contribute to competitive success, and how governments can promote economic development and prosperity.