Knowledge Management in Food, Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture

  • 30th September 2017
  • by secretary

26-27 September 2017. Lleida, Spain. Knowledge Management and Communication in Food Security and Agriculture discussed in Spain at the occasion of the Plant Inter Cluster meeting. Organised by Caast-net plus.

Representatives from research centres, farmer organisations, agricultural companies, universities, start ups and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) attended the fourth CAAST-Net Plus workshop on the Knowledge Management and Communication and Communication System (KMCS) Initiative.

The workshop brought together key stakeholders who are key in establishing a KMCS, The workshop is part of a series of consultations on the KMCS Initiative. It further aimed to:

  • Highlight cases of existing portals and actors in Africa and Europe in the field of FNSSA (Food, Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture);
  • Identify the methodological/technical needs for a joint Africa-EU KMCS;
  • Identify communication gaps between existing portals and amongst actors of the FNSSA value chains;
  • Identify best practice methods and principals for knowledge sharing and communication strategies for
  • research uptake; and,
  • Explore tangible long-term options for the implementation of a joint Africa-EU KMCS.

Previous consultations took place in South Africa, Namibia and Egypt between 2016 and 2017. Findings from the consultations will be encapsulated into a blueprint which will be presented in October 2017 to African and European policymakers, including the Bureau of the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue, the European Commission and the African Union Commission.

Keynote presentation: 
Dr Joan Girona, Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA, Spain), “Food Security, Self-Sufficiency and Sustainable Agriculture in a Changing World”


28-29 September 2017Plant Inter Cluster meeting. The PIC Meeting is the most important event in the plant production industry organized annually in Europe. This event aimed to foster knowledge in the plant field, creating a common strategy to ease the international development of clusters and its members.

The Networking event targeted a wide spectrum of companies, clusters, universities, research centers and end users, from Europe and South America related to plant production.