Africa-EU climate change research and human health

  • 25th March 2017
  • by secretary
22-24 March 2017, Kampala, Uganda. Africa-EU climate change research and human health. The
Uganda National Council for Science and Technology hosted a 2.5 day workshop (two days’ workshop followed by half a day field trip). The selected proposals received a round of feedback in advance of the workshop from staff at UNEP DTU Partnership.

The workshop provided targeted information and guidance for early-career African researchers with a professional interest in the implications of

climate change for human health. The workshop pursued a predominantly training/workshop style and structure, with opportunities for researchers to work alone and in small groups to develop their research ideas, proposal and strategies. The workshop contained a mixed agenda with speakers from the public, private and academic sectors to provide guidance on:

  • Identifying current research/knowledge priorities and gaps/needs regarding applied research into human health and climate change, as identified by speakers representing private sector, academia, civil society and local or regional policy-makers 
  • How to access relevant funding sources, where invited speakers introduced both private and public funding sources and provide practical recommendations on how to access such funding 
  • Group-based sessions where participants seeked advice and received coaching from the speakers on specific research ideas/proposals