Agroecology Infopool website now launched

  • 11th April 2019
  • by secretary

An extensive new resource on agroecology has just been made available by Biovision, following the first phase of the Advocacy for Agroecology (A4A) project, of which IPES-Food is a key partner.

The “Agroecology Info Pool” ( was launched last month at the 2nd Global Conference of the Sustainable Food Systems Programme – One Planet Network.

The Agroecology Info Pool contains convincing cases, a criteria tool to assess projects or policies, and an assessment of the impacts of various agroecological interventions on all Sustainable Development Goals.

This website serves as a platform to provide evidence, knowledge, and experiences on the impacts and multiple benefits of agroecology.

Through the A4A project, Biovision, IPES-Food, and other partners are assessing how current funding for agricultural research, development, and extension services is allocated, and to what extent it supports conventional systems versus sustainable (and particularly agroecological production).