USAID "Use of research to develop agric" in Ghana

  • 25th August 2017
  • by secretary
15 August 2017. A summit to discuss the effective use of research and data to facilitate private investment in agriculture was held in Accra. The summit was organised by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the US government’s ‘Feed the Future Initiative.’

It was intended to encourage evidence-based policy initiatives to boost agricultural productivity in Ghana. It was also to explore how proposed policies could improve food security and increase private sector investment in Ghana’s agricultural sector. As part of the summit, nine research findings and recommendations carried out by Ghanaian researchers on agriculture were presented.

There is the need for development partners to synchronise their measurement and indicators of food security outcomes. Some food security indicators were explicitly incorporated into intervention designs while bearing in mind the potential need for counterfactuals. Open data or information policies should be given practical meaning in development-oriented interventions. Michael O. Adu University of Cape Coast , Cape Coast · Department of Crop Science Soil Science, Agronomy, Agricultural Plant Science

Research should also adopt the demand-driven approach to vigorously look into [rice] production, farmer innovation systems, improve upon it and make it available to farmers for adaptation.