Food and Nutrition Security assessment tools (IPC/CH)

  • 29th September 2017
  • by secretary
28 September 2017InfoPoint Lunchtime conference: Food and Nutrition Security assessment tools (IPC/CH).

Today, international community has a common vision on the food crises in the world. This is made possible by the outputs from the consensus-based tools of food and nutrition security assessment used on the field. JRC is a key partner of the UN agencies (FAO-WFP) and other organization in the scientific development and technical implementation of those tools.

Presentation: Tharcisse Nkunzimana, Scientific Officer – JRC-ISPRA, Unit D5, Food Security. He is a senior researcher in food and nutrition security analysis based in JRC- ISPRA. He delivered an introduction to the two common tools used. 

  1. The Integrated food security Phase Classification (IPC) and 
  2. the Cadre harmonise/harmonized framework (CH) used in West Africa 

The tools were presented with a focus on the technical implementation and some challenges.