GFAR Steering Committee

  • 13th February 2017
  • by secretary

8-9 February 2017. Rome. The Global Forum for Agricultural Research held its annual meeting. The main roles of the Steering Committee are programmatic governance and executive governance although it also has a strategic role. It oversees the work of the GFAR Secretariat, and is assisted by the GFAR Secretariat in carrying out its tasks.

Main objectives:
  • Approve annual Programmes of Work and budget, prepared by GFAR Secretariat and ensure that donor funding is used judiciously. 
  • Make decisions on the allocation of resources to GFAR programmes and Partners based on transparency and impartiality, recognizing and avoiding any conflicts of interest among Steering Committee members. 
  • Approve the GFAR Annual Report, prepared by the Secretariat.


  • A list of the representatives forming the new Steering Committee is available here.
  • Learn more about the whole process of governance reform undertaken in 2015-2016 by the Partners in GFAR here.
  • An extract from the GFAR Charter that sets out the background, composition and responsibilities of the Steering Committee is available by clicking here. (4 pages)