First MycoKey General Assembly

  • 17th March 2017
  • by secretary

14 to 17 March, 2017. Bari, Italy. The annual General Assembly represented an opportunity to share tasks progress, periodic outcomes and/or deliverables, to discuss MycoKey on-going activities within the Consortium and was open to stakeholders.

International experts joined the MycoKey Consortium and discussed about mycotoxins issues. In addition, a qualified panel of experts in food safety and European policies – the External Advisory Board – support the MycoKey project by monitoring and evaluating the first year activities and progress.

This event allowed all the member to update the work plan, share knowledge and experience, manage potential risks, schedule next activities to achieve MycoKey goals, thus valorising any opportunity arising from the joint work of this international community.


ISM – MYCOKEY Workshop – Training Course 2017 Strategies for minimization of mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi in food chains

The Institute of Sciences of Food Production – National Research Councilof Italy (ISPA-CNR), under the aegis of the MycoKey project ( and the International Society for Mycotoxicology (ISM), is hosting a 4 days Workshop-Training Course from 16 to 19 October, 2017.

The course aims at training smart, integrated, sustainable solutions and innovative tools to manage and reduce the major mycotoxins (aflatoxins, fumonisins, trichothecenes and ochratoxin A) in economically important food and feed chains (maize, wheat, barley, dried fruits and grape) in pre and post-harvest.

Advanced technologies in the field of chemical detection, molecular analysis, modelling and ICT solutions will be covered by highly qualified international instructors, throughout lectures and laboratory experiences. About half of the duration of the workshop will be ”hands on” and spent in the laboratory.