Where are the stakeholders in implementation science?

  • 08th September 2016
  • by secretary
8 September 2016INTEGRATION AND IMPLEMENTATION INSIGHTS: Building research resources for action-oriented team science through syntheses of practices and theories.

  • Should implementation science make more room for consultation, collaboration and co-creation with stakeholders? 
  • Would finding more active roles for stakeholders in implementation science be a promising approach to increasing the use of research evidence for improvements in policy and services?
The lack of attention to participatory processes and stakeholder involvement in most implementation science frameworks and methods deserves critical analysis. Specifically, implementation science does not explicitly discuss the involvement of service beneficiaries in the development or implementation of evidence.

There is, however, the beginning of a discussion about the importance of collaboration and consultation processes in implementation providing a compelling argument for valuing implementation as a collaborative act, noting that collaboration leads to the following:

  • Knowledge and evidence that is more implementable
  • Infrastructure that brings research evidence and implementation closer together
  • Attention to local needs and increased relevance and impact of implementation activity
  • Enhanced capacity and capability of implementation