WEBINAR: 28/05@15:30 PM CEST Protecting nutrition and healthy diets in the context of COVID-19

  • 28th May 2020
  • by secretary
28 May 2020No backsliding: How can we re-orient food systems and health systems to protect nutrition and healthy diets in the context of COVID-19? Organised by IFPRI.

The COVID-19 pandemic — and the related economic crisis and disrupted food and health systems — will likely severely worsen all forms of malnutrition globally. In the short to medium term, micronutrient deficiencies, child wasting and stunting, and overweight and obesity are all expected to surge, stemming the tide of recent progress toward achieving the World Health Assembly’s Global Nutrition Targets 2025. 

This seminar analyzed the situation, focusing on anticipated impacts on maternal and child nutrition, diets, reach of nutrition interventions, and mortality. Speakers also reflected on positive adaptations that could help rebuild stronger health, economic, and food systems, and thereby protect nutrition and health.

  • Opening Remarks Johan Swinnen, Director General, IFPRI
  • Rasmi Avula, Research Fellow, IFPRI
  • Robert Black, Director, Institute for International Programs, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Corinna Hawkes, Director, Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London
  • Marie Ruel, Director of Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division, IFPRI
  • John McDermott, Director, CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH)
  • Moderator: Purnima Menon, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI