UK Forum: Science Policy in Food and Agriculture

  • 01st February 2016
  • by secretary
Westminister Forum Projects Science Policy in Food and Agriculture

27 January 2016. London. Bringing together policymakers, regulators and key stakeholders, this seminar discussed the future development of science in agricultural production and its impact on UK farming.

Delegates examined the re-assessment of regulations governing the production of GMOs in light of the EU voting to allow member states greater flexibility on whether to allow the production of GM crops on their territories, and clarification of banning procedures and regulations.

Further sessions evaluated calls by the UK Science and Technology Select Committee (STC) to move towards risk-based assessments of new foods and techniques of food production, as well as recommendations made in the STC’s 5th report on techniques for crop improvement.

Discussion also looked at the future of nanotechnology and cloned meat in food production after MEPs call for a moratorium on authorization procedures, as well as wider debate about the future of science and technologies in improving food security and the sustainability of agricultural production.