Building an Evidence Base on Rural Youth Employment and Livelihoods

  • 08th May 2018
  • by secretary
8 May 2018. Webinar. The purpose of the public meeting was to develop a shared understanding of rural labor markets and youth-specific constraints, discuss the evidence base on programs that aim to improve rural youth employment and livelihoods, outline cross-sectoral opportunities to support and empower youth to take advantage of agricultural system market opportunities, and identify knowledge gaps on which U.S. university research partners can generate evidence to address.

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Expert panel discussions were held on the following topics:

  • A Conceptual Framework on Youth and Agricultural Transformation
  • Framing the Evidence Base on Rural Youth Employment and Livelihoods
  • Youth Perspectives: Challenges and Opportunities in the Agricultural and Food Sectors
  • Youth Productivity: Technology, Mechanization, and Global Value Chains
  • Gender Considerations and Youth Employment
  • Research, Learning and USAID Programming: The Role of U.S. University Research Partners in Generating Evidence

The meeting wwas chaired by Dr. Brady Deaton, Acting BIFAD Chair and Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Missouri. Expert speakers include Dr. Louise Fox, USAID Chief Economist and Dr. David Tschirley, Food Security Group Co-Director, Michigan State University.