Webinar: Effective Tools for Understanding, Managing and Accelerating Impact"

  • 27th October 2017
  • by secretary
26 October 2017. This webinar was co-organised by GFAR, COSA and GLF and is part of a wider series on agricultural research and innovation,eco-systems management and sustainable development.

Working with governments, development agencies and major corporations, COSA has evolved innovative and very pragmatic and science-based approaches that work.

Daniele Giovannucci, President of COSA, will share some of the state of the art solutions developed by COSA, a consortium of institutions fostering effective ways to measure and understand sustainability in the agri-food sector.

He will be joined by other COSA colleagues and representatives from the Government of Mexico, award-winning corporations and a leading international NGO to discuss the pragmatic ways they apply COSA metrics to drive their innovations and sustainability practices.

COSA tools cover a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from impact assessments to performance monitoring, and are suitable for both micro and macro levels of analysis, progressing from the farm household, to the producer organization, and up to the landscape level. For all COSA tools, open access and comparability are regarded as key for intelligent testing and scaling.