Corporate video of MYTOX-SOUTH

  • 10th December 2019
  • by secretary

MYTOX-SOUTH intends to harness the expertise and infrastructure available at Ghent University to strengthen the capacity of the Southern partners to tackle the mycotoxin problem and the associated food safety and food security issues. MYTOX-SOUTH is a partnership to improve food security & food safety through mitigation of mycotoxins at global level. This well-structured multi-disciplinary partnership, which deals with all known aspects of mycotoxins and toxigenic mould issues, is able to provide the most adequate strategies and solutions for different stakeholders.

MYTOX-SOUTH offers research and expertise that deals with 

  1. the impact of the agro-ecosystem and related agricultural practices on the occurrence of toxigenic moulds, 
  2. physiological consequences of toxin-production of the mould, 
  3. diversity of toxigenic moulds in several crops and matrices and 4. follow-up of new emerging toxigenic moulds in agricultural and horticultural crops.