Transforming Potato Value Chains for Improved Food Security and Agri-businesses

  • 04th April 2016
  • by secretary

31 March, 2016. KALRO HQ-LORESHO. The main objectives of this conference were to showcase business opportunities for the investors and facilitate business to business linkages, to share information on potato value chain issues, technologies and innovations, to enable exhibitors in the sub-sector to display their products and services.

The thematic areas for the conference under which action plans were discussed are:

  1. Production-How do we improve production? (suitable fertilizer, small-scale mechanization, good agricultural practices etc)
  2. Seed systems and variety development-How do we improve production and distribution of high quality seed potato and new varieties?
  3. Marketing and processing- How do we improve potato marketing and processing? (post-harvest handling, storage, consumption, linkages, contract farming etc)
  4. Policy and regulatory framework- How can the regulation on 50 kg packing bag be implemented? How do we go about other regulations?