Sustainable Development Goals Center for Africa meeting

  • 29th August 2017
  • by secretary

28-29 August 2017. Kigali, Rwanda. This two day meeting brought together a cross section of local and international policy makers, academicians, business leaders and civil society from all over Africa and was is organised by the Sustainable Development Goals Center for Africa and the Stockholm Resilience Center (SRC).

“We are beginning to demand quality and safety of what we grow and eat from production to consumption, if we do that, then we have contributed to conservation. In the face of climate change, drought, floods, emergency of pests and diseases is going to be prevalent. Every country that is growing cereals is being faced with most of these

Prof Johan Rockström from Stockholm Resilience

challenges. These challenges will require close partnerships in scientific research, disease resistance and farming systems that conserve the soil stability. (…) To mitigate effects of climate change, Africa will for instance need to invest in modern technology that enhances efficient and sustainable use of surface and underground water for agriculture.” Dr Mark Cyubahiro Director General, Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB) See left picture

Though Africa was responsible for 85 percent farming, it was still the biggest importer of food at $37 billion per year. (…) Of all freshwater species in Africa, 21 per cent were recorded as threatened – 45 per cent of freshwater fish and 58 per cent of freshwater plant species are over-harvested while African birds have declined over the past 25 years. Dr Belay Begashaw Director General of the SDGC/A