Marketing of Agricultural Commodities and the role of the producer organisations

  • 22nd June 2017
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22 June 2017. The agribusiness academy is providing world class agribusiness education for new entrants as well as professionals in the industry.

AA has more than 50 tailor made courses that addresses different aspects of the entire value chain in agriculture. These courses have been broken into bundles to help the agribusiness professionals really gain the most of the content provided. 5 bundles are currently available: Agribusiness, Food processing, Food retailing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship bundles. Please look here: Any one can choose bundles or even single courses depending on what the needs are.

RVJ Agribusiness academy has designed and delivered a 5-day masterclass : “Food security as a business opportunity” to professionals from the different African and Asian countries. They share their experiences on how the masterclass has changed the perspective and approach to achieving food security within their operational settings.

The courses are delivered online using actionable videos, podcasts, webinars and word content. The academy has developed a special leadership and mentorship program to start Mid-July, 2017.

Agribusiness Academy for Personal Learners
Self-paced Learning in Agribusiness, Food Processing, Entrepreneurship, Retailing and Innovation
Published on 19 May 2017
This micro-course is designed to expose the audience to various activities, institutions and stakeholders involved in marketing of agricultural produce and how best to manage them to create a suitable marketing program for an agribusiness.

To make the learning process immersive, we use the context of Ravi (an agripreneur) who is taking over his father’s farming activities and would like to transform it into an agribusiness. This micro-course helps Ravi to take better marketing decisions by understanding the agricultural marketing systems and eventually build a market oriented agribusiness.

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Published on 19 May 2017 
The role of the producer organisations (PO) is critical to the development of inclusive and sustainable supply chains. These organisations can be effective and vital players in the supply chain due to their ability to connect smallholder farmers to markets. In this course the value chain model of Michael Porter, one of the most creative thinkers about competitiveness and development is applied to the context of producer organisations. Applying the Porter’s model to the case of producer organisations has led to Six key performance indicators which have been applied to Home grown school feeding situations in three (Kenya, Mali and Ghana) African countries.


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