4th IAALD Africa Conference

  • 31st May 2018
  • by secretary

30 May -1 June 2018. Pretoria, South Africa. IAALD – AFRICA CONFERENCE. The conference was hosted by the Information Training and Outreach Centre For Africa (ITOCA).

The conference provided a platform for agricultural information and knowledge specialists in Africa to discuss and strategize their contributions to the global 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the African Union’s Agenda 2063, focusing on the conference theme and sub-themes.

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Knowledge Generation, Management and Sharing

  • Documenting experiences, lessons learned & good practices and sharing agricultural knowledge;
  • Agricultural innovations systems and advisory services targeting small-holder farmers and rural communities;
  • National and institutional initiatives and frameworks for agricultural knowledge sharing;
  • Capacity development for agricultural knowledge generation, management and sharing.

Women, Youth and Agriculture

  • Engaging and empowering women and youth in agriculture and rural development;
  • Rural transformation, agribusiness, entrepreneurship and women and youth;
  • Capacity development for women and youth in agriculture.

Open Data and Open Science

GODAN session
  • Open data standards and software platforms;
  • Regional, national and institutional open data and open science initiatives and frameworks in agriculture;
  • Regional and national multi-stakeholder processes/platforms/forums for open data and open science in agriculture;
  • Entrepreneur opportunities in open data and open science;
  • Capacity development for open data and open science in agriculture.

ICT and Agriculture

  • ICT adoption and use by smallholder farmers (especially women and youth) and rural communities;
  • ICT applications in agriculture and rural development including Apps, services, etc. targeting smallholder farmers and rural communities;
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (drones) in agriculture and rural development – applications and services, cases, challenges, policies, research, etc.;
  • Social media in agriculture and rural development;
  • Capacity development for ICT in agriculture and rural development, especially for women and youth.
Extracts of the presentations:

  • Prospects of Livestock Identification and Tracking Using Mobile Devices for Smallholder Farmers in Eastern Cape Province, South AfricaPelokazi Mhlaba, Ed more Chindenga & Shewu. F.G Yusuf. 
  • The Circular Knowledge Management Model for Shoring knowledge on Traditional Vegetables for Addressing Food SecurityMonica Chipugahelo 
  • Rural Youth are Agriculture Information BrokersRonald Kondwani Udedi, Florent Okry and Jeff W. Bentley
  • GODAN Action within the Open Science and Open Data track – Chipo Msengezi

  • The use of social media in dissemination of agricultural information towards realization of the African Union Agenda 2063 Obinna Paul Nwakuo (see picture)