Conference on Agricultural mechanisation in Africa

  • 28th February 2017
  • by secretary

26 February – 2 March 2017. Paris Nord Villepinte, France.

26 February 2017, the opening day, brought together African ministers and African institutional partners, who presented their agricultural development strategy.

28 February 2017, a conference entitled “Agricultural mechanisation in Africa: what strategy for progress?” Organized by AXEMA and SIMA, with the participation of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the European Agricultural Machinery Committee (CEMA), Bpifrance Export, FNCUMA, and the Pan African Farmers Organizations (PAFO). 

With the participation of:

  • Josef KIENZLE, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Agricultural Engineer (see picture)
  • Richard MARKWELL, European Agricultural Machinery Association (CEMA), President
  • Ulrich ADAM, European Agricultural Machinery Association (CEMA), Secretary General
  • Theo DE JAGER, Pan African Farmers Organisation (PAFO), President
  • Ivan ALQUIER, Agricultural Equipment Cooperatives Federation (FNCUMA), CUMA Bénin Vice President
  • Pedro NOVO, Head of the Bpifrance Export Finance Division
  • and AGCO, Manitou Group, AIRINOV, etc

Feedback from entities operating in Africa contributed to this event aimed at African professionals (farmers, breeders) and exhibitors.

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