Sustainable agriculture: where are we on SDGs implementation

  • 27th February 2019
  • by secretary

27 February 2019. Brussels. ”Sustainable agriculture: where are we on SDGs implementation?” The Briefing was co-organised by CTA, the European Commission (DG Devco), the ACP Secretariat and CONCORD.

The Brussels Briefing 54 discussed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, examining the status of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the progress made with respect to Zero Hunger (SDG 2) on agriculture, food security and nutrition in ACP

In particular, the Briefing featured an exchange of views and experiences on: the policies, practices and partnerships that have been successful in driving the goal of SDG 2, with a focus on landmark developments at local, national and regional levels; the achievements and best experiences in developing partnerships for SDG 2 implementation; the next steps on SDG 2 delivery.

Panel 1: SDGs: Frameworks, Partnerships and Progress 

This panel provided an overview on SDGs, and more especially SDG 2, and bring various perspectives from policy, research and the private sector. 

  • Where are we on SDG2 implementation: Trends and projections Asfandiyar Khan, Statistical Unit, FAO 
  • Transforming food systems to reach SDG2 Patrick Caron, Chair, UN High-level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition 
  • Review of the framework, processes and actors to support SDGs implementation Stefano Prato, Managing Director, Society for International Development (SID) 
  • Data for SDGs implementation: access, collaboration and governance Muchiri Nyaggah, Executive Director, Local Development Research Institute, Kenya 
Panel 2: Best practices towards successful SDGs implementation.
This panel looked at specific examples of successful delivery of initiatives and programmes in support of SDG2. 
  • Country specific examples of success in SDGs implementation: Mali and Rwanda Modibo Traoré, Director of Multilateral Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mali Octave Semwaga, Director of Planning, MINAGRI, Rwanda (tbc) 
  • Support and finance from the private sector towards SDGs implementation Daniel Ohonde, Chief Executive Officer, AECF, Kenya 
  • SDGs’ implementation: Good practices from across Europe