Sharing Knowledge on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation through TAPipedia

  • 19th July 2018
  • by secretary
10 July 2018. This webinar was co-organised by TAP and GFAR to raise awareness among the francophone community of the role of TAPipedia in disseminating innovative and systemic approaches for capacity development. The webinar was conducted  in French: 

Partager les connaissances sur le renforcement
des capacités pour l’innovation agricole à travers TAPipedia

In this webinar TAPipedia’ s main features were presented, focusing particularly on the interactive section on the TAP Common Framework, which is currently being tested in eight countries of the CDAIS project, and other key resources developed under TAP and the CDAIS project. In addition, experiences from the CDAIS project regarding the use and relevance of TAPipedia were shared.

  • Brief introduction to TAPipedia within the context of TAP, by TAP Secretariat – 15 min (powerpoint and shared screen)
  • Presentation of the interactive section of TAPipedia, including presentation of the factsheets and tools belonging to the TAP CD for AIS cycle, by Abdoulaye Saley Moussa, TAP Secretariat – 20 min (Shared screen)
  • Sharing experience on TAPipedia, by CDAIS Burkina Faso and/or Rwanda (tbd) – 10 min
  • Sharing experiences on TAPipedia by FARA – 10 min