African Green Revolution Forum – AGRF 2018

  • 05th September 2018
  • by secretary

5 – 8 September 2018. Kigali, Rwanda. African Green Revolution Forum – AGRF 2018

The event together with its many follow-on activities are designed to energize political will and advance the policies, programs, and investments required to achieve an inclusive and sustainable agricultural transformation across the continent.

AGRF 2018 Program Focus Areas 
Institutional Capacity Development for Transformation
Mapping key institutions and stakeholders, analysing institutional capacity strengths and gaps, and exploring ways of developing capacities in institutions necessary for the attainment of an agricultural transformation agenda.

Youth Participation in Agriculture 
Channeling the energy, strength, and dynamism of Africa’s youth into productive, competitive and profi table agribusinesses to boost agricultural productivity, sustainable food production systems, create jobs, and generate incomes. 
Agritech and Agribusiness Development 
Growing innovations and funding for agri-tech and focus on the real problem of food security and enabling better use of technology to grow the agriculture sector as a whole. 
Global and Regional Markets 
Exploring Africa’s enhancement of favourable terms of trade, regional integration, openness to trade, macroeconomic stability, social and economic infrastructure, gender equality and enterprise development
Resilience of Africa’s 
Agricultural Systems Enhancing the capacities of agricultural and food systems to cope with climate variability so as to improve productivity and resilience. Africa’s Nutrition Challenge Meaningfully incorporating the nutrition elements into the concept of food security
Extracts of the programme (48 pages)

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