Agents of Change in Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation: The Value of Facilitators

  • 01st March 2017
  • by secretary

1 March 2017As one in a series of GFAR webinars, the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP), a Partner in GFAR, in collaboration with the Platform for African European Partnership on Agricultural Research for Development (PAEPARD) is bringing together several presenters to engage the agri-food research and innovation community around the topic of capacity development.

The facilitators will share their initial experiences in assessing capacities and capacity development needs, in Asia, Africa and Latin America. A desired outcome of the webinar is to distill experiences and best practices that can be applied to strengthen or improve these processes.

Host: Karin Nichterlein, TAP Secretariat and FAO CDAIS Lead Technical Officer, will give a brief introduction to TAP.
Moderator: Peter Casier
Presenters: Innovation Facilitators, Project Managers or CD Experts working in CDAIS pilot countries:

  • Christian Grovermann: Associate Agricultural Officer at FAO
  • Gilbert Kayitare, CDAIS Country Project Manager; Rwanda
  • Veronica Bejarano, Cooperativa Lempira Sur, Honduras
  • Eveline Sawadogo, Environment and Agricultural Research Institute (INERA), Burkina Faso
  • Patrice Sewade, Coordinator of SOJAGNON –NGO, PAEPARD facilitator

Presenters will address the following questions:

  • Where do you see that capacity development for agricultural innovation systems can make a contribution in your country? Can you give a concrete example?
  • How to effectively engage key actors in the agricultural innovation processes and who should lead this process? How can the process be maintained beyond a project?
  • Is there a need for innovation facilitators? Why?
  • What are the skills and resources needed to effectively facilitate interventions? What works and what does not yet work so well? How it can be improved?
  • To what extent does the current institutional environment allow to effectively facilitate the strengthening of agricultural innovation systems? What could be improved? What role can projects and partners play in this?

The link to the webinar recording and the Powerpoint file with the presenters’ slides, will be available after the webinar.