Nutrition in Action for Sustainable Development in Africa

  • 29th August 2019
  • by secretary

26-28 August 2019. Kigali, Rwanda. 4th FANUS Conference. The federation of African Nutrition Societies (FANUS) holds a nutrition conference every four years in one of member African countries.

Around a theme of “From Nutrition to sustainable development”, this conference is an opportunity to get updates on nutrition situation at global and country scale. It is a framework to showcase of countries’ achievement in addressing malnutrition in Africa. The conference is furthermore an exchange forum of best practices and approaches among African countries.

  • The anticipated main accrued benefits from this conference are namely knowledge and expertise sharing, and achievements/lessons learnt on productive nutritional interventions, initiatives and policies among countries. 
  • The capacity of the young African scientists, professionals and practitioners in nutrition is expected to be strengthened due to the exposure to a wide and diverse expertise. 
  • The conference is a good platform for the African countries to showcase the achievements in fighting malnutrition to donors and to the international audience. 

The Federation of African Nutrition Societies (FANUS) keeps strengthening its visibility among international nutrition societies by showing its role and ability in promoting nutrition at the continent. Finally, during this conference, a new FANUS committee is going to be elected.

GAIN Plenary: 

  • Lessons learned from Integrating Nutrition Education with Biofortified Sweetpotato Promotion in Sub-Saharan Africa. – Jan W. Low. 2016 World Food Prize Co-Laureate, International Potato Center-SSA
  • Power for Mothers: Why Multiple Micronutrient Supplements in Pregnancy are an Ethical Issue – Professor Klaus KRAEMER– Managing Director, Sight and Life

African Initiatives to Fight the Double Burden of Malnutrition:

  • Prevalence of NCDs and Malnutrition: the Double Burden – Ngozi Nnam, University of Nssuka Nigeria 
  • National Heart Foundations as partners in nutrition actions, based on the experiences of the Nigerian Heart Foundation and its Heart LogoDr Kingsley Akinroye National Heart Foundations Nigeria 
  • The Choices program: an African proposition for Healthier Food Choices Speaker: Dr Rutger Schilpzand Choices International Foundation, Netherlands
  • The way forward: WFP and SUN Business Network: National Partnerships for Nutrition SolutionsMr Raphael Siwiti

Parallel Sessions

  1. Malnutrition; Forms, Trends, Causalities, Innovations and Cost.
  2. Exploring the Potential of African Foods in Nutrition and disease. 
  3. Leveraging Small Businesses to Improve Nutrition in Africa
  4. Multi-Sectoral Coordination of Nutrition Initiatives, Exploring Potential of African Foods
  5. Data Generation and Knowledge Systems
    Mycotoxin exposure levels of rural Eastern Cape pregnant woman and its effect on infant birth anthropometric measures and gestational age: Martani Lombard, Monique Entres, Hester-Mari Burger, Philna Eksteen, Johanna Alberts, Wentzel Gelderblom, Gordon Shephard 
  6. Nutrition and Health Implication of the current Food System in Africa 
    Nutritious indigenous food ingredients for complementary food formulations as a pathway to fight against infant malnutrition in Benin: A review: Flora J Chadare, Yann E Madode, Nadia Fanou-Fogny, Janvier M Kindossi, Juvencio OG Ayosso, S Hermann Honfo, AP Polycarpe Kayodé, Anita R Linnemann, and D Joseph Hounhouigan,
  7. Nutrition and NCDs and Data Generation 
  8.  Nutrition and NCDs