The Economics and Nutrition of Soy in School Lunch: Evidence from the Field

  • 14th June 2018
  • by secretary
12 June 2018. The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) hosted a webinar entitled “The Economics and Nutrition of Soy in School Lunch: Evidence from the Field,”.

The event discussed SIL’s investigations into the nutritional value and financial cost of adding soy to school lunches. School lunch programs are a common strategy for fighting malnutrition in children, but little research exists on the actual nutrition consumed by the children, the associated true cost and the nutritional benefits of protein fortification with soy.

In collaboration with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), SIL interviewed and observed caterers who cook hundreds of school lunches every day for the Ghana School Feeding Program (GSFP) to find out the nutrition students receive from a school lunch in Ghana, and the role soy my might play in economically boosting the nutrition levels.

In this webinar, SIL researchers and partners discussed its field research findings and their implications for improving school lunches and other institutional feeding programs around the globe with soy protein.

SIL researchers Dr. Juan Andrade (University of Illinois) and Dr. Francis Amagloh (University for Development Studies, Ghana) released the final report from their Early Childhood Nutrition Study conducted in northern Ghana. The report, entitled “Community-Level Adaptability and Feasibility Assessments of Soy-Containing Complementary Food Blends by Women and Children in Rural Ghana,” details SIL’s work towards developing and scaling soy-fortified complementary foods.

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